Storyteller FAQ

My goal for creating this podcast is to create a safe space for people to share their experiences with cancer. Listeners will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone on their journeys. Your story will help break the cancer taboo and I (and all the listeners) thank you for sharing it!

Below are some questions often asked by storytellers. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please send them to me at

How will the story be recorded? 

We will record through a website called SquadCast, which does not require you to download anything on your computer. You will receive a separate email from SquadCast with a link to join the recording session 1-2 days before our scheduled date and time. This video shows you exactly how to use SquadCast. We will be able to see each other on video but only the audio will be recorded.

What kind of equipment and web browser do I need for recording?

  1. A laptop or desktop computer. We are not able to record through a mobile phone or tablet at this time.
  2. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge installed on your computer. Safari, which comes with all Apple products, will not work with Squadcast.
  3. A set of wired (not Bluetooth) headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone that you can plug into your computer. We cannot use your computer’s speakers and microphone as it will create a feedback loop and amplify background noise.
  4. While only the audio will be recorded, a webcam would be nice so we can see each other while we are chatting.

Where should I do the recording? 

Find a quiet space where there isn’t going to be a lot of background noise during the recording and you are not likely to be interrupted. Smaller spaces with lots of “padding” generally works well, like walk-in closets or inside parked cars with off-street parking.

What else can I do to help the recording go smoothly? 

  1. Restart your computer before joining the recording session so you won’t have to reboot in the middle of the recording.
  2. Close all other applications or tabs on your browser so your computer isn’t “multi-tasking” too much.
  3. If your internet disconnects during the recording, close the browser and rejoin using the link in the Squadcast email. We will pick up from where we left off.

How would you help me stay anonymous? 

If you would prefer to stay anonymous then I won’t mention your name during the recording. If I accidentally say your name while recording, I can always edit it out after.

What is the format of the recording? 

Every person’s experience with cancer – whether as a survivor, caregiver, or family member – is so rich and complex and there are so many things we can talk about, BUT there’s simply not enough time to cover them all in one recording! As such, I generally ask my guests to identify one or two messages they really want others going through similar experiences to know, e.g. something you were/are proud of, scared about, surprised by, etc.

The important thing is to give listeners enough background story so they can understand why you are sharing your message. Ultimately, your story will bring your message to life.

The focus of the podcast is about the emotional experience rather than medical info-sharing. Because the focus is on personal stories, rather than a Q&A style session, I will take the back seat during the recording. I may chime in here and there to probe for more info or get clarification on something, but you will be in the driver’s seat. If I feel like we are going off-topic a bit, I will gently guide you back. Also, it’s totally ok to take time to gather your thoughts during the recording. I can always edit out long silences afterward.

If you are feeling nervous about the interview, don’t be! Think of this as us chatting at your local coffee shop. No need to feel pressured about giving a performance – anything you say will resonate with others going through similar experiences. If you change your mind about sharing certain details after the recording, we can always remove them during editing.

I have a business or support a charity organization that serves the cancer community, can I talk about that during the recording? 

Yes! So many of us are inspired to help others when cancer touches our lives. The focus of the recording will be about your personal experience – your thoughts, feelings, struggles, celebrations – but I would love to highlight your services and causes towards the end of the episode and include your website and social media handles in the show notes so listeners can connect with you.

I don’t think I will need 60 minutes to tell my story, is that ok? 

Absolutely! The sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes because we have to go through soundcheck and some minor logistics in the beginning. There’s no minimum length of time that we have to record. The general length of an episode is around 30-50 minutes.