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I’ve taken a little break from producing the podcast. The break was good because it gave me some time to rest and to get new inspirations. Strangely and maybe not so strangely as someone who likes to think about human emotions and relationships, my inspiration came from the war between Ukraine and Russia. 

Like many, I’ve been following the latest developments in Ukraine and Russia for weeks now. While listening to the first-hand accounts from the war zone, I couldn’t help but notice some parallels between the experiences of the civilians and cancer people. I am not saying that the experiences are the same, but that when people are forced to deal with the unthinkable, we become courageous.

In my mind, being courageous does not mean we are fearless, but we get through despite the fears we have. This may sound silly but I always think about the characters from the Harry Potter books, who were teenagers facing some of the most powerful evil forces but they banded together and defeated the evil forces despite how scared they were. 

Obviously, that’s a fictional story and the typical heroes’ journey plotline that we find in so many of our favorite books and movies. But as we know, in real life, being courageous does not always mean we defeat the evil forces and we get to go back to living our old lives. It doesn’t even mean we will get through in one piece, and more often than not, we are never the same again. 

In my own experience being a caregiver for my dad, there were so many terrifying things, like: 

  • Seeing his scan for the first time, all those bright spots scattered across the outline of his torsel
  • Every time a type of treatment failed and the frightening thought of running out of treatment options
  • Planning “ahead” and talking about what to do when the inevitable happens
  • Watching him struggle with the thoughts of his own mortality
  • Wondering about how it would all end and how much more suffering he or any of us can take

It felt like being in a horror movie, but my only option was to continue to act like my normal cerebral self, probably as a way to compartmentalize and not completely fall apart, but also to not add to his mental burden. I did get through, yes, but no, I have never been the same again. 

Now I want to hear your stories of courage. For the 2022 season, I am experimenting with a shorter format for storytelling and I’d love to share the mic with more of you. If you would like to contribute, and you can do so anonymously in writing or through recordings, please visit talkaboutcancerpodcast.com/shareyourstory to get more info. I will be sharing the stories I receive in the upcoming episodes. 

That’s a wrap for today. I hope to hear from some of you and as always, thank you for listening. 

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