37. When my vagina broke

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Anna talked about how cancer treatment “broke” her vagina and the challenges in dating when she took sexual intercourse off the table. Her experiences inspired her to create the Entwine dating app to help others struggling to find companionship because of sexual limitations.

I know this episode probably feels different from the rest because Anna and I ended up going on a deep dive about her experience with vaginismus, but I thought it was important that we give space for this topic because even though Anna’s experience is specific to having vaginismus, her underlying message is relevant to anyone dealing with sexual limitations after cancer treatment.

Anna reminded us that sex and intimacy can come in many forms, and when our loved ones’ sexual needs change because of serious health issues or emotional stress, expanding our definitions of sex and intimacy can give us more options for supporting each other’s needs.

Thanks again to Anna for sharing her own experience with such openness and a sense of humor. Go check out Entwine so you can explore dating with more confidence again! You can follow the app on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter!

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