34. When my world shattered

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Brianna talks about how isolating the caregiving and the grieving experiences can be, and how the creation of art in a nonverbal way can be incredibly cathartic and healing.

By coincidence, Brianna and I lost our loved ones – her mom and my dad – around the same time four years ago. Our conversation uncovered so many similarities and differences between our experiences of caregiving and grief, and all of it was so interesting to hear, like what helped us put things in perspective while grieving and how we handled conflicts with family members. But the way Brianna works through her emotions in a nonverbal way was so new to me, as I’ve been so entrenched in verbal and written expressions as ways of organizing thoughts and healing, it made me really curious about what I would end up creating if I participated in one of Brianna’s workshops.

Check out Brianna’s artwork on her website and let me know what it brings up for you! Also, follow her on Instagram @briannalhb so you will get updates about her upcoming workshops and shows.

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