19. Trust your inner voice

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Angel shared how being a nurse has affected her experience with her mom’s cancer care and why it’s crucial for caregivers to honor their own needs during and after the caregiving journey.

I loved hearing and actually seeing the transformation Angel is experiencing in her life during our conversation. It was obvious that when we talked about her experience with her mom’s cancer care, there was still a mix of sad emotions there. But when we started to talk about this new path she is on toward healing and new possibilities, everything changed. She smiled and laughed, moved around in her seat with excitement, gesturing with her hands. The enthusiasm for the future was palpable and it’s truly wonderful to see. 

As we kept chatting after the recording, it became more clear to me that the thing that brought some of the repressed emotions to the surface was Angel’s experience working in the hospital during COVID and having to witness so many families say goodbye under awful circumstances. For those of us not in the medical profession, we knew that things were awful for people working in hospitals this past year, but Angel’s story made it more real for me what a struggle it has been, and how much the medical professionals have had to endure, not just the explosion in the number of patients to take care of, but the emotional trauma and triggers that came with the experience. 

I’ve been saying this elsewhere but I am going to take a moment to say thank you again to the medical professionals who have been taking care of our communities during this crisis. I hope all of you are listening to your inner voices and finding a way forward like Angel has.

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