18. A second chance at life

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Marlene shared the story of how she first heard about her cancer diagnosis not from the doctor, but in a message from her grandfather who she’s never met, and why her cancer journey has ultimately transformed her life in a positive way. 

Listening to Marlene talk about getting her cancer diagnosis through her spiritual medium gave me goosebumps! As someone who did not grow up in a religious or spiritual environment, it was very fascinating and a privilege to hear Marlene share her experience. The image she described stuck in my mind – that she had a loving family at the hospital with her, but she also had her family from the spirit world watching over her. I found that idea to be very comforting because there is similarity to how we pray to our ancestors for protection from bad things in the Chinese culture.

Also, her message about gratitude and what we do with our time was super important. As Marlene said, cancer is a terrible disease but Marlene recognized that she was fortunate to have had a very slow-growing cancer so it actually gave her the chance to reevaluate and reset her priorities in life. That resonated with me because while I lost my dad to cancer and the last few months of his life were incredibly hard, one of the really important things I took away from that experience was to spend more of my time doing things that matter to me and propel me towards a greater purpose in life. 

You can listen to more of Marlene’s and others’ stories about surviving trauma on her podcast called Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope and follow her page on Facebook at My Centered Life

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