17. Fight for your joy

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Alicia described the ways in which faith has shaped her dad’s outlook and experience with end-of-life and why the last six weeks of his life were both the best and the hardest. 

I had thought this conversation with Alicia would be a bit teary because we both had gone through the end-of-life process with our dads relatively recently. But it didn’t turn out to be that way because her dad had faith to lean on during his journey with cancer, which gave him the wisdom to let go of control and continued to find joy even when there was very little time left. It was a very powerful example of how faith can lift us up in the most challenging times. 

On the other hand, Alicia has such vivid memories of her dad – I loved the way she described the images in her mind for the listeners – like the way she would wake up in the morning to find her dad finishing bible studies or watching him watering plants without shoes on. Talking about those memories always brought a smile to her face and it made me realize what an incredible gift her dad had given her. Because of the way he was able to find joy even in the toughest moments, it allows Alicia to also find joy when thinking about this very challenging period of their lives.

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