14. Do what’s right for you

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Andy talked about the hard decisions he has had to make in taking a holistic approach to his cancer treatment and how having been grounded with the right mindset got him through one of the greatest challenges he’s faced.

If you are looking for someone who practices what he preaches, Andy is your guy. As a seasoned talent development coach, he walked into his cancer journey with a strong mindset for dealing with challenges that life brings. That by no means meant that his cancer experience was somehow easy, but it was very evident that he had a foundation to lean on to navigate the many complex and difficult decisions he has had to make about this medical care.

Even more important was his message about taking ownership of the decisions each of us have to make in life. When I saw his Instagram post about his decision to not pursue the third round of chemotherapy, I was intrigued, because my natural reaction was that it would be safest to follow the advice of the expert. But once Andy explained what he has learned about testicular cancer and the holistic treatment approach he has been following, I understood why.

And what was even more impressive, was that Andy fully acknowledged that he could be wrong in making this decision but was also ok with the idea of dealing with the next challenge if and when it comes. In the meantime, he’s bounced back to feeling pretty much like his old self but with an even more profound sense of appreciation for the opportunities that lie ahead for him, his family, and career.

If you are interested in learning more about Andy’s philosophy on mindset, you can find it in part 3 of his book, called: Own Your Career, Own Your Life. I don’t think Andy could have demonstrated more clearly how having the right mindset helped him navigate his cancer journey. You can find this book on his website: andystorch.com.

You can connect with him on:

Andy mentioned a couple therapies that I was not familiar with, so I did some Googling and found a couple of articles for reference:

Andy also recommended two books:

  • Chris beat cancer by Chris Wark
  • Cancer Secrets by Johnathan Stegall

I know many of the alternative therapies and nutritional regimens can be controversial, because they haven’t been empirically studied. Neither Andy nor I am proposing that anyone should replace working with a trained oncologist with alternative therapies and nutritional modifications only. But it is very likely that you will come across these types of info on the internet and you will have to decide what makes sense for you specifically, as Andy did for himself.

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