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Hey everybody. This is Serena Hu, I’m your host for the Talk About Cancer podcast.

Cancer has had quite an impact on my life, meaning, three of my close family members have had to deal with five different types of cancer in the last decade. While I have been lucky enough to have not developed cancer myself yet, the experiences I have had as a caregiver and family member have profoundly changed the way I think about many things in life.

So I created this podcast to talk to others about their experiences with cancer because 1) I am genuinely curious about the wide-ranging perspectives and experiences there are, and 2) because I believe that telling and listening to stories helps us make sense of our experiences, and in turn, helps us heal over time.

The guests of this show candidly talk about their triumphs, heartbreaks, fears, learnings, and much much more. Like some of the guests have said to me, this is the podcast about things our doctors won’t tell us because as much as they are the experts in the diseases we must deal with, we are the experts on what it’s like to live with cancer. And my hope is that the stories of this podcast can help us all better understand the human side of cancer.

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