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Stories from people whose lives have been impacted by cancer

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About the podcast

This is a podcast made for cancer patients, survivors, warriors, havers, thrivers, still-alivers, fighters, endurers, caregivers, and family members! Rather than focusing on medical information sharing, I have intimate conversations with real people about their journeys with cancer. In their own words, the storytellers share their personal experiences and offer words of wisdom to the community.

I follow three simple guidelines when recording:

  1. I do not reveal the guest’s full name, unless the guest prefers to
  2. No topic is off-limits
  3. Being positive is not a requirement

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Join me in the conversations!

– Serena

About the show host

Hi! I am Serena Hu, your host for the Talk About Cancer podcast. My experience moving to the United States as a child cultivated a love for meeting new people, listening to their stories, and understanding their perspectives and experiences. I am tapping into this natural curiosity and my social work roots to help us all better understand the human side of cancer. I’ve lived in Taipei, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area and am always looking for invitations to visit new places!